List Of Hartsville Candidates Running

July 13, 2016
HARTSVILLE, NY – Here’s the list of candidates who submitted political petitions, in order to run for office in Hartsville, for the November elections:
John Bowles (R) Hartsville Town Supervisor candidate
Mike Muhleisen (D) Hartsville Town Supervisor candidate (Muhleisen is on the board now as acting deputy supervisor).
Stuart Perks (D) Hartsville Town Clerk candidate
Jessica Henderson (R) Hartsville Town Clerk candidate
Anita McAnn (D) Hartsville Town Board candidate
Leon Woodworth (D) Hartsville Town Board candidate
In Hartsville, the major issue that determines elections is wind energy. This has been the case since 2005, when wind company Airtricity announced that they were interested in bringing wind to Hartsville. Since then, those opposed to wind, have maintained a majority on the town board, and have resisted long standing efforts by Hartsville wind lease holders and wind company officials, to bring wind to Hartsville. For 11 years, numerous wind companies, including Eon, Everpower and Next Era, have attempted to get projects off the ground, but were not able to, because the majority of Hartsville board members over the years, voted against the various wind projects.
The Republican candidate for town supervisor, John Bowles has been a vocal proponent for wind during this period. Bowles is well known for writing letters to the editor, posting his opinions on his blog page, making freedom of information requests, and filing a lawsuit (unsuccessfully) against Hartsville and Hartsville Supervisor Steve Dombert, a lawsuit that was heard almost 10 years ago by Judge Peter Bradstreet.
Stuart Perks, the Democrat candidate for town clerk in Hartsville, has also written letters to the Evening Tribune and Perks frequently posts his skepticism about wind energy on Facebook.
Deputy Supervisor Mike Muhleisen, who is running as a Democrat for supervisor, is less vocal in his opinions, but has consistently voted in ways that the pro-wind group in Hartsville does not agree with.
Regardless of which side wins, this is a debate that will likely continue for a long time.