Local Eagle Scout Is Working On House Signs For Alfred

May 13, 2016
ALFRED – An Eagle Scout’s endeavor to have numerical signs made for each property in the Town of Alfred is temporarily on hold.
Before the project can move forward, Allegany County Emergency Services must first reconcile the numerical house numbers with the fire numbers the Scout told the Town of Alfred Board, Thursday evening. A potential change in all addresses may also through a wrinkle into the plan, but the Scout has already raised over $4,000 – an amount which would cover slightly over 330 signs at this point – to be used toward the final $9,157 cost. He has also applied for a $5,500 grant from Lowes to help offset the remaining balance.
The Board also discussed sewer system plans and the possibility of extending the system up Route 21 to Alfred-Almond Central School. That, along with how it will affect/include residents, will be explored further.
Several issues with “Special Use Permits” and how they relate to businesses interns of the new zoning laws. In addition, it was determined that the Town of Alfred and Village of Alfred would work together in researching local raffle laws – primarily if any currently exist – and both would later proceed accordingly. Other topics of interest at the meeting included a rundown of the new version of the police report which will be used at meetings moving forward, the code enforcement report as well as the monthly report.
The Planning Board is set to meet June 1, while the next regular Town of Alfred meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 9 at 7 p.m.