Local, State Reaction, About Lt Governor Brian Benjamin

April 12, 2022

From Steuben County Democrat Chairman Shawn Hogan: “I am angry first and foremost that Brian Benjamin failed to reveal to Governor Hochul that he was under investigation during her LG selection process. We all agree that you are innocent until proven guilty. However I strongly believe that LG should immediately resign for his failure to reveal he was under investigation. Governor Hochul should move quickly to insure he resigns.”

From Assemblywoman Majorie Byrnes: “As disappointing as this news is, it should not come as a shock as this administration is simply a continuation of the previous administration’s corruption. Moreover, both the governor and lieutenant governor are unelected political appointees who have passed the most expensive budget in state history in the most secretive process in recent memory and failed to include meaningful reforms. All I can say is that taxpayers, the hardworking men and women of this state, deserve better.”

From Congressman Lee Zeldin: “Kathy Hochul forced Brian Benjamin upon our state as Lieutenant Governor. He was such a bad pick. Running point on the defund the police movement in the legislature should have alone disqualified him. When this corruption surfaced, Hochul tripled down. She owns this…all of it! Terrible judgment!”

From Ithaca Democrat State Senate Candidate Leslie Danks Burke: “Lt. Governor Benjamin has broken the public’s trust, and he must resign immediately. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, as an elected official, you are entrusted by the people to serve as our representative, which means you must do better. Corruption has no place in our halls of power. I’ve spent years fighting for honest, transparent government and an end to the shady backroom deals and money in politics that harm our communities. It is clear that Lt. Governor Benjamin can no longer effectively serve our state.”

From State Senator George Borrello: “I think he should step down because as Lieutenant Governor, he is the president of the state Senate and the presiding officer, in which he has taken a very active role. I can’t see how he can lead the Senate while answering these charges without it turning the final weeks of the legislative session into a shambles. He deserves his day in court, but these allegations are very troubling,” Sen. Borrello said.

From Assemblyman Phil Palmesano: “Gov. Hochul pledged to restore faith in state government and rid Albany of its corruption. Not only was this pledge broken with the arrest of Benjamin, but the state budget process completed at the end of last week was one of the most secretive and non-transparent in recent memory. New Yorkers deserve so much better. Just last week the governor said that she had the ‘utmost confidence’ in Benjamin. If the governor looks to gain back any semblance of her credibility on the issue of restoring faith in government she should ask her now-arrested lieutenant governor to resign, effective immediately.”

From Assemblyman Joe Giglio: “The arrest of Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin today based on allegations of his involvement in a campaign finance fraud scheme is extremely disturbing. Corruption at the highest level of government in New York state is a pattern that needs to stop. Instead of a full vetting, Lt. Gov. Benjamin was appointed early in this administration without a complete investigation into his background and practices. The potential for abuse of this nature is precisely why the public financing of political campaigns is a bad idea. Once again, the citizens of our state must pay for the incompetent actions of so-called leaders who make decisions based on political gain instead of what is best for the state.”