Margaret Horan and Bob Mauro Ordered To Pay The Money Still Owed To Arkport

May 13, 2016
BATH, NY – The eight year old case involving former Arkport Clerk/Treasurer Margaret Horan and DPW Chief Bob Mauro is back in the news today.
Steuben County Judge Marianne Furfure has ruled that the two officials have to pay the large sums of money back to the Village of Arkport.
Horan has been ordered to pay back $25,749
Mauro has been ordered to pay back $14,339
Horan and Mauro had written checks to themselves for unused sick and vacation time dating back to 2006 through 2008.
This was a high profile news story in 2008, when there was what can only be described as a public rebellion in the village, conducted by Arkport
residents who were suspicious of the way that the then Arkport Village Board was conducting meetings and business.
Judge Furfure wrote that Mrs. Horan did not “have the authority to write the checks at issue” and that “none of the checks Horan wrote were presented to the board for approval.”

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Decision of Judge Furfure05132016