Martha Robertson Encouraging Anti-Frackers To Attend Reed Town Hall

February 18, 2015

TOMPKINS COUNTY, NY – Congressman Tom Reed has scheduled about half a dozen town hall meetings this week, to get voter input about President Obama’s war power request to send troops in to fight ISIS.  And Reed’s former opponent, Democrat Martha Robertson is on Facebook, encouraging anti frackers to attend an upcoming reed town hall.

Robertson maintains that Reed’s bill to get land owners reimbursed because of the state’s ban on fracking, is going against the voter’s will, because the polls show that most new yorkers are against fracking.  “By almost 2 to 1, upstate New Yorkers support Gov. Cuomo’s ban on fracking, according to two recent polls. But Cong. Tom Reed doesn’t get it, and wants taxpayers to pay landowners who had leases. What do YOU think? Tell him on Thursday night in Owego,” Robertson posted recently on Facebook.