Mayor Buckley And St James CEO O’Donovan: Stay Safe Amid Growing Covid Cases

December 19, 2020

HORNELL, NY – From Mayor Buckley And St James CEO Bryan O’Donovan:

As the number of COVID-19 cases grows in Hornell and surrounding communities, with more patients being hospitalized at UR Medicine/St. James Hospital, local officials ask the community to take every precaution to maintain safety. “We are experiencing a significant increase in hospitalizations at St. James,” said St. James president and CEO, Bryan O’Donovan. “We ask people to please continue to follow the guidelines to stay safe.”

Hornell City Mayor John Buckley concurs. “It’s still important for people to avoid social gatherings with others outside of their immediate household,” he said. “We know it’s difficult especially around the holidays, but we want our community members to stay as healthy as possible.”

The safety guidelines help prevent the spread.

“We continue to emphasize frequent hand washing, universal masking, and social distancing,” said O’Donovan. “We’re looking forward to the vaccine being available to the public in 2021.”