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Mayor Buckley Declares September, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September 14, 2021

HORNELL, NY – Mayor John Buckley declares September Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in the City of Hornell.

“There are far too many cases of childhood cancer in our country with nearly 16,000 new diagnoses a year. This terrible disease takes a heavy toll on children and adolescents including many right here in our own community. This month, as we shine a light on this important issue, we stand with every child and family who are courageously battling cancer, while remembering those who we have lost. There have been many advances in research and treatment over the years, yet the work must go on until we reach a 100% cure rate so that every single child can go on to live a long, healthy, happy life.”

Whereas, childhood cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in children, and;
Whereas, 1 in 285 children in the United States will be diagnosed by their 20th birthday, and;
Whereas, 43 children per day or 15,780 children are diagnosed with cancer annually in the U.S., and;
Whereas, there are approximately 40,000 children on active treatment at any given time, and;
Whereas, the average age of diagnosis is 6 years old, compared to 66 years for adults’ cancer diagnosis, and;
Whereas, 80% of childhood cancer patients are diagnosed late and with metastatic disease, and;
Whereas, on average there’s been a 0.6 percent increase in incidence per year since the mid 1970’s resulting in an overall incidence increase of 24 percent over the last 40 years, and;
Whereas, two-thirds of childhood cancer patients will have chronic health conditions as a result of their treatment toxicity, with one quarter being classified as severe to life-threatening, and;
Whereas, approximately one half of childhood cancer families rate the associated financial toxicity due to out-of-pocket expenses as considerable to severe, and;
Whereas, in the last 20 years only four new drugs have been approved by the FDA to specifically treat childhood cancer, and; Whereas, the National Cancer Institute recognizes the unique research needs of childhood cancer and the associated need for increased funding to carry this out;
Whereas, hundreds of non-profit organizations at the local and national level including the American Childhood Cancer Organization are helping children with cancer and their families cope through educational, emotional and financial support, and; Whereas, researchers and healthcare professionals work diligently dedicating their expertise to treat and cure children with cancer, and; Whereas, too many children are affected by this deadly disease and more must be done to raise awareness and find a cure.

Now therefore, I, John J. Buckley, Mayor, do hereby proclaim September 2021 as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in the City of Hornell.

I encourage all Americans to observe Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and support this cause that so deeply impacts families in every community across our country.

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