Mayor Buckley Seeks A Second Term

April 5, 2021

HORNELL, NY – Statement From Mayor John Buckley:

In January of 2018, I was humbled and honored to take the oath of office to serve this great community. I am so proud of the accomplishments we have achieved, the challenges overcome, and the relationships formed during my first term and hope to build upon that success in seeking a second term as Mayor. Transparency, honesty and integrity are key components to this office and I hold myself to a high standard when it comes to these qualities.

In my three-plus years in office, I have always kept a positive attitude and outlook when dealing with issues as they arise, as well as being honest and up front in dealing with people. Whether it has been fiscal challenges, the aftermath of devastating fires, or guiding the City through a pandemic, just to name a few, I have always put my best foot forward and worked for the betterment of our great City. I have cultivated a culture of openness and transparency with the Common Council so they are all fully aware of the issues that impact the City.

The City of Hornell is the place I call home, raise my family, and celebrate valued friendships. Hornell has allowed me to grow and be the person I am, and I enjoy being able to give back and help shape this community as we look toward the future; and the future is indeed bright.

Hornell is a City on the move. Having already been named the second fastest growing city in the State in 2019, last April Hornell was named the third most affordable place to live in New York State. While Covid-19 slowed progress, it certainly did not stop it. As we are coming out of the pandemic, industry here in the City continues to grow and prosper and our business community is regaining momentum.

Over the course of my first term as Mayor we have invested and strengthened our infrastructure. Building off progress made from the prior administration, we have shepherded multiple projects including bridge replacements and a major upgrade to our Water Treatment Plant. We continue to re-line our sewer systems having invested over $500,000 in the last several years. By the end of this year, well over 1 million dollars will have been invested in street paving over the course of my first term.

Last year the City was awarded $74,000 to expand the popular Shawmut Trail with work expected to begin later this Spring. We are investing in Veterans Memorial Park at James Street as well, replacing the nearly 40-year-old tennis courts later this year. My administration has continued the very successful BOCES program, with the recent completion of the 10th house, which was placed on Front Street. Houses 11 and 12 are in design and will be placed on Preston Avenue, which will revitalize that neighborhood devasted by the fires of 2019.

Last year the City was awarded a $500,000 housing rehabilitation grant to help improve our neighborhood housing stock and improve the quality of life for residents. We have also invested in City departments bringing in new, reliable police vehicles, a new ambulance and DPW vehicles, including an excavator.
However, the most important investment we make is in our people. We have dedicated City employees who work tirelessly on behalf of our residents providing the essential services they deserve and rely on. Our people are our biggest asset.

As I said, Hornell is a city on the move. It is more important than ever that we keep the momentum going. I appreciate the support received throughout my first term and look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve and represent our beautiful city. As always, I am available to answer any questions, address concerns or simply chat. You may reach me at 324-7421 or email at mayorsoffice@cityofhornell.com.