Mayor Buckley’s Statement About Smoking/Vaping

September 4, 2019

From Hornell Mayor John Buckley:

I speak to you today not only as the Mayor of Hornell, but as a parent.

In 2013 when I was an Alderman for the 9th Ward, I sponsored the legislation to ban smoking and all other tobacco use within 30 feet of any and all school bus stops within the City of Hornell while students are present. That legislation has now been in effect in our city since 2013. I felt then and still feel now that we have a strong obligation to protect our children. I believe we need to be the advocates for those who can’t advocate for themselves and we have a responsibility as parents and citizens of this community to protect the next generation.

As times are changing and the act of Vaping is becoming more and more popular, I find myself again thinking of those students waiting at those bus stops every day. That is why I recently asked the Common Council to add vaping to the smoking ban at school bus stops. As you are passing by or waiting at school bus stops this year please be mindful of our children and refrain from the use of any and all tobacco products, smoking and Vaping. We all want to provide our children with the safest and best possible environment.