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Mayor Hogan: No Federal Or State Agency Does Canopy Structural Inspections


June 11, 2015

HORNELL NY- On Thursday morning, the Hornell City Board of Public Safety met and heard Mayor Hogan talk about the tragedy that happened a week ago on Friday night at the 7/11 Store, on Canisteo street.


Hogan explained that there is no federal or state regulatory agency that inspects or oversees the structural condition of the canopies that cover gas pumps. The only inspections that take place in regards to the canopy that covers the gas pumps is for the annual fire suppression systems that are part of the canopy that deploy in the event of a fire within the area of the gas pumps.


The Mayor also noted that these types of canopies are in fact federally mandated yet have no regulations in place to safeguard customers from harm in the event of a structural breakdown, like the one that occurred at the Canisteo Street 7/11 Store.


Hogan said that he hopes that in the future a system can be put into place for inspections of these canopies to help guard against another tragedy taking place, so that some good can come from this sad event that has deeply affected our community.

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