McAllister’s Decision On The Assembly Maps – Is Out

May 11, 2022

BATH – In a groundbreaking case that will determine the next decade of elections in our state, a motion has been made to deny intervention.

Steuben County Judge Patrick McAllister has made a motion to deny intervention from Gavin Wax of the NYC Republicans, New York City Democrat activist Gary Greenburg, and the five petitioners; Benjamin Carlisle, Emin Egriu, Michael Rakebrandt, Jonathon Howe, and Howard Rabin on May 11. So it appears that unless the Democrats and/or Republicans appeal this case and win, the state assembly maps will remain the same.

After careful determination and viewing all documents and testimonies argued in court on May 10 it is determined that this action is untimely. The court is aware of the frustration potential candidates face in the redistricting of the maps. The court is working with the Board of Elections to create a possible roadmap for an August 23 primary. The court is seeking all options, but it is dependent on new Congressional and Senate maps being drawn up by May 20.

For reasons stated by the court it would be extremely burdensome to all parties involved to allow intervention at this untimely manner. Nothing in this motion is meant to prevent both parties from seeking separate action to challenge the assembly maps.

The court is mindful that any action to change the assembly districts would impact several other elected officials. It is the courts determination that any change would make it impossible to meet the deadline for the upcoming election.

It is uncertain if this will be appealed.