Meadowbrook Bridge to be Completed Wednesday

October 17th, 2017

ARKPORT, NY – Arkport Village Mayor Charlie Flanders announced Tuesday night that the renovation of the Meadowbrook Bridge and surrounding road will be completed by Wednesday, October 18th.

Flanders was also pleased to announce that the cost of the bridge came in around $20,000 less than the original estimate of $90,000. They also saved $10,000 from the original estimate of $70,000 for the paving.

Concerning the water project, Flanders said there was nothing really new to report although there was premature talk of a water debt service increase possibly showing up in the next billing cycle. The increase is mainly due to the project cost coming in above the original estimate.

And in other news the village is looking to overhaul their outdated computer network in the hall at a cost of $2,000.