Mike Hoyt To Take Over For Sgt. Chad Mullen At Hornell Police Department

October 9, 2014

HORNELL, NY – The City of Hornell Board of public Safety met this morning and approved the appointment of Mike Hoyt to the temporary -provisional position of Sergeant in the Hornell Police department. The position was vacated by Chad Mullen, who recently was hired as the Chief of Police in the Village of Bath N.Y. Hoyt will have to take the civil service test for the position sometime in June 2015, and pass it in order to keep the position and make it permanent.

In other news, the Codes enforcement officer Bud Burdett was on hand for the morning meeting and explained the “change your behavior, or change your address” initiative that will help the city deal with nuisance tenants that have multiple complaints from neighbors, or have had many interactions with the City Police Department. Burdett explained that a points system is in place based on the nuisance and the frequency of visits to their residence by city police. When a residence acquires either 12 points in six months, or 18 points within a year, the codes officer then can take steps to have the tenants removed from the property, and have the property shut down as a nuisance.