Mixed Emotions On Mauro at Arkport Village Board Meeting

June 21, 2016

ARKPORT, NY – The Arkport village board conducted business as usual Tuesday night until the topic of DPW head Bob Mauro’s situation came up. “ I’m basically only doing minimal job duties unless you restore my compensation time,” said Mauro. Mauro and former clerk Margaret Horan were recently found liable for receiving funds illegally to which they are required to pay back the entire amount with interest. The board responded by saying that the matter has been through the courts and a judgment has been made and it is out of their hands.

Mauro and some people in attendance disagreed, “All you have to do is pass a resolution to fix this situation,” exclaimed Mauro. Board member Mike Brewer told Mauro that he makes upwards of $80,000 a year with benefits and retirement package and that he is well compensated for what he does, and he should be obligated to carry out promised work to the village.

People in attendance, including Mauro, objected by emphasizing how much money Mauro has actually saves the village by not having to hire contractual work, which should outweigh the judgment against him. “The $14,000 he owes is pittance to your budget compared to the services he has provided over the years,” said cemetery head Tom Hunt. “Let’s forget the lawyers and find an in house resolution to this matter.”