More Details About The “Aryan Nation Army”

July 13, 2022

HORNELL, NY – Wlea News caught up with Hornell Police Chief Ted Murray, who tells us the following about the three suspects:

Dylan Henry was out early on parole because of the early release law, Henry had been out prison a month when he got into trouble. Henry called himself the “president” of the Aryan Nation Army, which according to the Hornell Police Chief, was made up of the three Hornell residents, Dylan Henry, Ryan Mulhollen and Aubrey Dragonetti. Mulhollen was the “vice president”. At this point, from what police can tell, this was not a national organization. Hornell Police Chief Murray says, they wanted to get more people to join up, which was part of the reason they dropped the flyers off at 115 locations in Hornell.

The Hornell Police Department is going through four cell phones and two
computers. From what they can tell at this point, there are/were no plans of violence on the part of the three suspects.

The three suspects went out at night and dropped the pamphlets off. They were spotted doing this, by Hornell Police Officer Chad Giglio.