More Good News for Hornell’s Infrastructure

January 19, 2017

HORNELL, NY – Hornell Mayor Shawn Hogan announced Thursday morning that Hornell just got word through the Bridge NY program that it has received large grants for repairs on two more bridges in the Maple City.

The box culvert bridge on East Main Street over Chauncey Run will receive a $1.2 million grant and also the city will receive $1.8 million for the Seneca Street Bridge that covers Canacadea Creek. There will be a local share for the city on both of these projects.

The state has already agreed to fully fund and replace the bridge over Crosby Creek next to the old Lincoln School Building and also work will begin on the Main Street Bridge this summer. “We have over $6 million in road and bridge work alone coming this summer, couple that with $6 million in upgrades to the Water Pollution Control Plant and another $1 million in the Water Treatment Plant, I would say we have a lot going on in the near future.”

It was also announced Thursday that the city has increased its dumping fee for septic waste at the Water Pollution Control Plant by one cent per gallon. The old rate was 4.5 cents with the new rate 5.5 cents per gallon. Also a fee has been established at Veteran’s Memorial Park to help cover the cost of trash cleanup that people usually leave behind after using the pavilions.

Hogan made it clear that this is not a revenue generating venture; it’s just to help with the costs of keeping the park clean. Local residents will now pay $25 for pavilion use where as it used to be free. Out of towners will continue to pay $50 as always.