New Gun Laws Prevent Angelica From Having A Civil War Event

September 12, 2022

A civil war re-enactment event that had been scheduled for this month in the Allegany County Town of Angelica, has been cancelled. Event organizers say that’s because of the possibility of participants getting arrested, because of new gun laws in New York State, that went into effect September 1st, a law that ban handguns on streets and parks. “Unless the war is amended, Civil War events, using the weapons of the Civil War, even though they have no ammunition in them, these events are now illegal, unless they are held on private land,” said Dr Spencer Annabel, a Hornell area Civil War re-enactment organizer.

Update, 12:19PM: Governor Hochul has issued a statement, saying that the new law does not apply to civil war re-enactments and historical weapons.