New Yorkers And The Global Entry Program

February 6, 2020

(updated at 11:32am, to show Senator Gillibrand statement)

WASHINGTON, DC – The Global Entry Program is a Homeland Security program that helps U.S. residents get through the TSA lines at airports more quickly. The Global Entry Program allows U.S. residents to be registered in the TSA computer system, which helps speed up the process of going through the TSA line at the airport.

However, because New York State is changing it’s driver’s license and ID rules to allow illegals get ID’s, Homeland Security is rejecting all new applications from New York State residents, to get into the Global Entry Program.

Congressman Tom Reed: “This is yet another result of one-party extremist in Albany control hurting New Yorkers, and we warned of this impending outcome two weeks ago. As someone who lived through 9/11, I am astonished how Governor Cuomo could disregard the words of the 9/11 Commission where they noted ‘For terrorists, travel documents are as important as weapons.’
“The Department of Homeland Security provides many services to New York not provided to other states. Albany must repeal the Green Light Law before the federal government is forced to take further action.” – Tom Reed

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand:: “Once again, the Trump administration is misusing the federal government for political retribution. There is no factual basis for this policy—its true design is to punish New York for embracing diversity and inclusion.”