News From South Hornell and North Hornell

October 10, 2018

North Hornell Village trustee Fran Libordi had a request for the Hornellsville Town Board Tuesday evening: Either move the No Commercial Vehicle Sign Back that is directly in front of the Seneca Street Bridge to behind the intersection of 70A next to Community Bank NA or add another sign altogether.

Apparently there is still a problem with commercial vehicles traveling down Seneca Street and that is irritating the North Hornell Village Board. “We still have an issue with large vehicles moving through North Hornell,” said Libordi, “Two years ago we invested a lot of money upgrading our roadway, curbs and sidewalk and we would like to have it last as long as possible. The problem occurs because the current sign limiting commercial vehicles is beyond the point of no return and they cannot just back out and take another route so they just continue straight through.” Hornellsville Town Supervisor Dan Broughton suggested instead of moving the sign that another one be put into place. As the law currently reads, no commercial vehicle over 26,000 lbs. is allowed through the village.

Planning board head Joe Dick announced that the planning board still has one vacancy to fill and they are in the process of interviewing 10 candidates to fill the position. “The problem is that most people we recruit heads south for the winter and it’s tough to get a quorum to conduct business. We have changed our meetings to the 1st Thursday of every month starting 2pm and hopefully we will get more participation.”
Also the planning board is still looking at fees for road openings and new building costs, and are in the process of collecting numbers from other similar sized venues to get an accurate/fair fee. “Some of our fee structures are still from the 1960’s,” said Dick, “And a revamp is long overdue.”

The South Hornell Fire Dept is currently in the process of looking for a new home. Currently, the building they occupy would not fit any new trucks purchased and some recently purchased trucks have to be parked outside. The department has already received $195,000 in grants this year, and are hoping to secure a big grant close to $300,000 for a new station. One major obstacle is that they would like to build the new fire station on land already owned but it is designated on a flood plain so complications arise.

The Hornellsville Town Board will support a resolution to have the speed limit between the railroad crossing on Webbs Crossing Rd and Simmons Rockwell looked into. Apparently, a number of residents have signed a petition to lower the speed limit because of congestion, and the board agreed to pass it up the chain to Vince Spagnoletti, Commissioner of Steuben County Public Works.