No Political Hats, Shirts, Buttons On Election Day

October 25, 2016

BATH, NY – Officials with the Steuben County Board of Elections are reminding voters that on Election Day Tuesday November 8th, you cannot vote if you come into a polling site wearing political shirts, hats, buttons or have political bumper stickers on your vehicle.

The board of elections says this is a standard electioneering rule and that the signs outside voting locations will say “no campaigning beyond this point.”

UPDATE: October 26, 2016, 5:20pm – Vicky Olin, GOP Election Commissioner, sent the following statement:

The NO Campaign signs located outside the election poll site(s) are a reminder, that campaigning/electioneering is not allowed within a 100’ of the poll site by NYS Election Law 8-104. This includes any buttons, hats, pins, or clothing that could be associated with a political campaign or party. If someone parks within the 100’ mark of a poll site and there are political bumper stickers, signs, etc. on the vehicle they may be asked to move the vehicle outside the 100’. Candidates are also not allowed to speak with voters within that 100’ mark.