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No-Sort Recycling In Hornell

July 28, 2015

HORNELL – Hornell City Clerk Barb Perrot has issued the following statement:
The City of Hornell along with Lippincott’s Rubbish Removal have started a “No-Sort Recycling Program”.
You will no longer need to sort your recycling; all items can be put into one bin. This program also allows residents to recycle more items. Plastic containers, #1 – #7 will now be accepted. Also accepted are corrugated cardboard, boxboard and paper cartons, file folders and office paper (all colors), newspapers, mail and greeting cards, magazines and phone books, large rigid plastics, metal and aerosol cans and glass bottles. All containers should be rinsed clean.
Recycling will still be picked up on the third full week of the month, on your regularly scheduled trash pickup day.
Residents are encouraged to take advantage of this service. Recycling puts more of your discarded materials back into the world and less of it into the landfill.

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