Nojay Blasts Senator Flanagan’s Safe Act Deal

July 10, 2015

ALBANY, NY – Statement from Assemblyman Bill Nojay (R, Monroe, Livingston & Steuben counties)

The Memorandum of Understanding released by the Governor’s Office and Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan only confirms what we’ve all known – the ammunition database provision in the SAFE Act is not workable and has not been implemented.

The MOU therefore has all the significance of the Governor and Mr. Flanagan announcing that tomorrow the sun will rise in the East. We all knew that, it was going to happen anyhow, and taking credit for it is political grandstanding.

If the Governor and Mr. Flanagan were serious about undoing the many disastrous provisions of the SAFE Act, they had their chance to prove it during the Budget and end-of-session negotiations this year. They didn’t. For them to now tell us what we’ve all known about the failures of the database provisions, and to describe it as a concession or gift to the Second Amendment community, won’t work.

We will continue to use every judicial, legislative and political means at our disposal to repeal the SAFE Act or, at a minimum, remove its offensive provisions from the laws of New York.