Nojay: No Pay Raise For State Lawmakers

March 23, 2016
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ALBANY, NY – Assemblyman Bill Nojay announced on Wednesday afternoon that he is against state lawmakers getting a pay raise, and that lawmakers should get both a pay cut and be in Albany for “half the amount of time” that they are there now.
See full press release below:
Assemblyman Bill Nojay (R,C) spoke before the Compensation Commission today to testify against any pay increases for state legislators. Last year the Assembly established a seven-member commission charged with looking into the compensation of judges and legislators, and making recommendations for increases. Nojay testified that any compensation increases for elected officials would have no effect in terms of policies that would make New York a more affordable place to live and conduct business.
“Any pay increases for a legislative body as corrupt and detrimental to the people of New York as the state Assembly has been is simply outrageous,” said Nojay. “In order to sneak greater pay out of taxpayer dollars, many within the Assembly Majority have promised that more pay and a longer work year would equal greater productivity; that premise is not accurate whatsoever. In fact, states which have increased their legislators’ pay to a level greater than the average family’s income have seen no correlation between the pay increase and job growth or better economic performance.”
Nojay has submitted a bill (A.5491) as an alternative to the salary increase which would cut legislators’ pay by half and cut the legislative work year by half, to end on March 31.
“Pay increases coupled with a longer legislative session have produced a government that is far too involved with the daily lives of New Yorkers and have produced nothing but regulations and an expensive tax code. These proposals would only create a permanent political class of detached and removed career politicians with little to no motivation beyond becoming reelected. I am confident that my bill would create a Legislature in tune with the everyday needs of New Yorkers who produce legislation that creates jobs and makes New York a more competitive place to do business quickly and efficiently,” said Nojay.