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Nojay Says Proposed Cuts To the D.E.C. Means No Fracking

Nojay: Cuomo’s Proposed Cuts To The D.E.C. = No Fracking
January 22, 2014

ALBANY, NY – Governor Andrew Cuomo’s budget plans calls for cutting 5 percent, that’s 43 million, from the Department of Environmental Conservation.

The proposed cuts to the D.E.C. is a move that Assemblyman Bill Nojay takes as a signal that the decision on fracking will be either no decision at all, or a “no”answer. “If the governor were to allow fracking, there’s no question that we would have to increase the number of D.E.C. inspectors to oversee the drilling process, and that would add to the D.E.C.’s budget,” Nojay told WLEA News. “The fact that the governor is trying to cut the D.E.C.’s budget, to me at least, is a signal that he has no intention of allowing drilling for natural gas, any time soon in New York State.”

There were no ant-fracking protesters at the governor’s budget presentation on Tuesday, in Albany.

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