Nojay Votes Against Governor’s Education Reforms

April 1, 2015

ALBANY, NY – Assemblyman Bill Nojay (R, Monroe County has voted against the governor’s education agenda.  Nojay says he did that, “because it further entrenches Common Core into the fabric of New York’s education system.”

See video here.

See full statement below:

“Having carefully considered the education budget bill, it became very clear that the correct vote was a no vote. While I am in favor of higher education standards and accountability for failing teachers and schools, this will not be accomplished through the measures in this bill. This bill goes all in on the Common Core standards that have already damaged our schools and gives too much power to the State Education Department to implement this program.

“The teacher evaluation system in this bill continues the over-reliance on Common Core-aligned standardized testing. These tests have destroyed the ability of teachers to teach to their students and individualize their lessons. They are particularly harmful for children with developmental disabilities who get tested at grade level instead of developmental level.

“In addition, some so-called ethics reforms were rolled into the education budget bill. While the legislation expands campaign finance disclosure laws, it does nothing about the loophole that allows huge campaign contributions to be funneled through limited liability companies. In last year’s election, one New York City billionaire contributed over $1 million to the governor’s campaign. This massive loophole renders the entire ethics reform package a fraud.

“For all of these reasons, I rejected the governor’s ill-conceived education and ethics reforms. I remain committed to standing up for the hard-working residents of Upstate New York against the agenda that downstate, New York City liberals are trying to force on our schools.”