North Hornell Fire Chief Questioned By Frank Libordi

Libordi Questions Fire Chief About State Police and Fire Truck Case

WLEA North Hornell Trustee Libordi and Fire Chief Mike Robbins May 12 2014 – Video

May 13, 2014

North Hornell Village Trustee Frank Libordi questioned North Hornell Fire Chief Mike Robbins last night, about if the state police had begun their investigation into the recent vandalism of a North Hornell fire truck.

Libordi: “Mike the fire truck, the investigation by the state police, have you contacted them yet?”
Robbins: “I have, it’s still going on, so…”
Libordi: “Okay, they said they haven’t been contacted yet and they haven’t started it,”
Robbins: “I talked to Jason. I talked to Jason.”
Libordi: “After – before today?”
Robbins: “Not before today, no.”
Libordi: “Because I just talked to him and he said-”
Robbins: “I talked to Jason, and I’ve been busy with things going on-”
Libordi: “And I understand, I understand that-”
Robbins: “I talked to him”
Libordi: “So the investigation’s been opened?”
Robbins: “He’s, he sent me a message and I told him that I would talk with him when I was available and he was available.”
Libordi: “Because he needs a list of the fire personell to interview and-”
Robbins: “Yeah, I know.”

We caught up with Libordi after the Monday night meeting, and he believes that the recent vandalism done to the North Hornell Fire Engine, could have been done by a North Hornell fire fighter.
“I am concerned, and I know that we want the investigation to start as soon as possible,” Libordi told WLEA News. “Of course, I’m not speaking for the entire board, just myself. I know the state police
have been very cooperative. They’re ready to begin the investigation, as soon as the coordination is done with the fire department. But we are concerned, because it was obviously done by members in the fire department, and of course now, we have to spend eight to nine hundred dollars for a survellience system, to monitor our own people. And that kind of disturbs some people, I would imagine, in the village, and I know it disturbs one on the board: myself.”

We also spoke with North Hornell Mayor John Falci after Monday night’s meeting. Falci maintains that it’s too early to speculate. “Well, I don’t want to accuse anybody or any group
of people, a number of people have access to the fire department, and I think it’s a little premature to judge who caused it, and I’d like to wait for the state police report before we move on from there.”

North Hornell Fire Chief Mike Robbins says the vandalism of the fire engine being handled by State Police.