North Hornell Fire Contracts Approved

North Hornell Fire Contracts

December 10, 2013

NORTH HORNELL, N.Y.- The village of North Hornell board met for their monthly meeting on Monday night. Among the items on the agenda, The board approved a five year contract for fire protection services with the town of Hornellsville. Hornellsville is split up in three different sections; Arkport, North Hornell and South Hornell while their respective fire departments are contracted to provide their services to the Town of Hornellsville. The Village of North Hornell board approved their fire dept. contract which runs for a period of five years starting January 2014 ending in 2018. This year the Village will get a three percent raise up to $44,695.00 ending in 2018 with a five percent raise for the amount of $52,790.00. The Contract will go up twenty percent over the term of five years, beginning with a 3% raise in 2014, 4% raise in 2015, 4% raise in 2016, 4% raise in 2017, ending at a 5% raise in 2018.

The village board also got an update from the chairman of the planning board Joe Ingalls on the proposed sub-division that will be a part of Marick park. The plan calls for seven parcels that will be offered for prospective home builders. Ingalls said that once the DEC and Health department sign off on the project, he is hopeful that work can begin sometime in the spring of 2014. There are some decisions left to be made in regards to sidewalks, and lighting before the project is started. However at this time the subdivision is going to have outlets, on both Cameron Street and Mary Street although is not slated to have any thru traffic and the need for sidewalks in still undetermined. The Village board will ultimately be the entity that will issue building permits on all of the seven parcels, when the time comes to build on a prospective site.