North Hornell Talks Codes And Police

June 14, 2022
By Jasmine Willis

NORTH HORNELL – The village board held their regular meeting on June 13 to discuss several items.

Code Enforcement Officer Bill Rusby mentioned a few items on his report. A piece of land property is generating interest for a lumberjack competition. An individual seeks to have axe throwing and lumber cutting competitions on the land. The village board wants more information about their intentions and if they will have access to water and sewer.

Another resident wants to put up a huge garage on his property. The building permit would not be reimbursed if the variance is denied. His property leads to access on the golf course. The village board was concerned about this garage.

Finally, the home health care business in the village wants to take the front lawn to create several more parking spots for employees. This was discussed by the village board and determined it wouldn’t be a problem.

North Hornell Fire Chief Mike Robbins is approved to attend the July Fourth and Arkport Summerfest parades.

Mayor Joe Ingalls wants all the departments to be smart about milage since gas prices are at an all time high.

North Hornell Department of Public Works, Rich Scavo is worried about the sewer meters. The sewer flow on a meter is not adding up to the charts. If they need to be repaired the village board needs to know who will pay for it.

Scavo mentioned that now that school is out of session there is going to be more mischief happening in the village. There is a strong need for police force to be present on the weekends from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. The village board discussed some examples of when the young residents got out of hand. It will be put into effect this month.

There was a lot of discussion with the village board on an item with the police report. The amo, gear, belts, bullet proof vests typically cost $3,000 per officer. These items can usually last up to five years. The village board was concerned as to why this item keeps coming up every year when the gear lasts a long time.

Kyle Amidon is the officer in charge at the North Hornell village meetings. He explained that the item comes up every year due to radical changes in the police department. There are a couple of part timers who last a few months at a time. The equipment comes in different sizes geared towards the officers. The village board agreed to allow it this time, but they wanted to get in touch with the Canisteo village board for more clarification.
Mayor Ingalls talked about a meeting with Hornell City and Hornellsville boards. This was to talk to Hornell City Grant Writer Heather Reynolds about help with grants for water and sewer. There are about 300 homes that need to be checked on Seneca Road. It could be a lengthy process and grants would help.

The village board agreed to allow participation in the city-wide yard sale this weekend.
The next meeting is July 11 at 6 p.m.