North Hornell Talks Police Department and Sewer Contracts

May 10, 2022

By Jasmine Willis

NORTH HORNELL- The North Hornell village board gathered to talk about village spending and contracts on Monday night.

North Hornell Officer in Charge Kyle Amidon mentioned that the 9-1-1 is getting tired of them calling every time they need to check license plates due to outdated equipment. The village board agreed to purchase the new equipment for $2,800. This will include a new laptop, systems dock, and service to install. Afterwards the police department will have the updated programs to do the job.

“We are having issues with the old laptops. It doesn’t support all of our programs. We need the programs to make calls and look up license plates. We are looking to get a new Panasonic laptop with Windows 10 Pro. They are high tech and can handle being on and off all day. We are having this same problem in Canisteo,” Amidon said.

A resolution was made to transfer money from the police personnel funds to the police equipment funds for this purchase.

A motion was made by the village board to grant permission to the North Hornell Fire Department to participate in the Dogwood Festival in Dansville this weekend. A Memorial Day parade will be held at 8 am in the park. All are asked to attend this patriotic event.

Richard Scavo, North Hornell DPW superintendent said he put in an order for LED lights for the building. On Wednesday the department of public works plans on sucking out the rocks and debris in the wet well. It hasn’t been done on the new system. Scavo believed it hasn’t been cleaned out since 1969. He claims it should only take a few hours to get it cleaned out.

“We will be working at the pump station cleaning out the wet well. We have had an issue with rocks and debris collecting at the bottom. We hope to get this all handled. We are getting a second truck from city of Hornell to help. It needs to be flushed out,” he said.

Mayor Joe Ingalls said he doesn’t want any of the heads of the departments to spend money or make contracts without talking to the village. He said it is the village board’s responsibility to handle how village spending happens.

“It is up to our village board and the mayor to make decisions on contracts and village spending. It’s not proper for any of the department heads to make those choices. We need to make the choices on the sewer and water contracts. When you all go to the city to talk about contracts we need to have that brought to us,” he said.

Ingalls said a meeting will take place about the sewer contract on May 24 at 1:30 pm at Hornell City Hall.

LaBella Representatives have reached out to the village board to talk about possibly doing grant writing for the village. The village board will also be talking about the MRB Group findings on the sewer line at the meeting.