November 4, 2020, What We Know As Of This Posting

November 4, 2020
As of this posting, here are the current results:

Congressman Tom Reed (R) – 160,131
Tracy Mitrano (D) – 90,959
(Reed has already declared victory, Mitrano has not yet conceded)
From Congressman Tom Reed: “We are truly honored to see so many people across the district come out to support us with their vote. Since I was first elected to be their voice in Washington, my priority has and will always be delivering for the people of the 23rd district,” said Reed. “As we look to continue combating COVID-19 and reigniting our economy, that fundamental commitment to service will continue to guide our work. We must now come together as Americans, regardless of party, and unite in our determination to work together to make this nation a more perfect union. We thank my opponent for a well-fought race,” continued Reed. “This decisive victory demonstrates yet again New Yorkers want to be represented by problem solvers who know how to get things done. We’re proud Tom’s unique approach to Congress continues to resonate with so many voters and generate the broad coalition of support you saw this evening,” said campaign spokesperson Matt Coker.

As of this update, there are stll 20 districts to turn their results in, in the Reed/Mitrano race, and in the O’Mara/Danks Burke race.

State Senator Tom O’Mara (R) – 61,743
Leslie Danks Burke (D) – 38,561

Assemblywoman Marjorie Byrnes (R): 35,623
ChaRon Sattler Leblanc (D) 16,869

Assemblyman Joe Giglio (R) – 35,914
Ross Scott (D) – 10,449