Number of Tickets Issued Over the Holiday Weekend By State Police

June 1, 2016

Governor Andrew Cuomo has released the numbers of tickets issued for DWI, speeding, seatbelt, distracted driving and move over violations. These tickets were issued over the Memorial Day weekend.

In Troop E, which is our area, it goes from Ontario County to around here, troopers ticketed 24 drivers for DWI, 530 speeding tickets, 224 seatbelt tickets, 31 move over violation tickets, and 22 distracted driver tickets..

Troop A goes from Genesee County to Allegany County, and for that region, there were 31 tickets issued for DWI’s, 389 speeding tickets, 312 seatbelt violation tickets, fuve move over violation tickets and 30 tickets for distracted driving violations.