NY Post: State Health Dept Gave Hornell Gardens Bad Advice

April 30, 2020

For a couple weeks now, Hornell has been making state wide news because of all the Covid-19 cases in such a small town area. The topic of Hornell and Covid-19, has come up numerous times in Governor Andrew Cuomo’s press conferences. This caught the attention of the New York Post, and they broke a story yesterday afternoon, saying that the State Health Department gave Hornell Gardens the state’s approval to allow Covid-positive workers take care of Covid patients at Hornell Gardens. That conversation between Hornell Gardens and the State Health Dept, reportedly happened back on April 10th.

The story in the NY Post says that memos/emails the Post obtained, show that the Steuben County Public Health Department were excluded from that April 10th decision and that County Manager Jack Wheeler was angry about being cut out of the decision.

Last night, the state health department reversed their decision and the state will no longer allow Covid-positive workers, to take care of Covid patients.

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