NYC Assemblymen’s Tour of Alstom Hornell

September 26, 2016

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HORNELL, NY – This afternoon at the Hornell Alstom facility, Assemblyman Phil Palmesano and State Senator Tom O’Mara brought in Assemblyman Francisco Moya (D, Queens) and Assemblyman Marcos Crespo (D, Bronx) to visit and tour the Hornell Alstom factory. “For us, it’s really about the education,” said Assemblyman Crespo. “It’s tying the needs of our respective communities and understanding how we can support that at the end of the day. It’s about New Yorkers, it’s about our state, it’s about our communities, to learn. I’ve been a rider of the subway system my whole life, but to get a better sense of what the technology is out there, what companies like Alstom our doing, that my constiuents are getting good service, that’s great,” Crespo stated.

“When they (Palmesano and O’Mara) were able to come to an area in Queens, and see an area where kids are learning in trailers, as opposed to being in a classroom, and for us to be able to see what struggles that dairy farmers are going through, it’s really eye opening for us to be able to bridge the gap, between upstate and downstate,” said Assemblyman Moya. “Then to come here, to this great company and see what is being manufactured and being produced here in the great state of New York, it gives us a great sense of pride.”

“It’s not just on their part, coming up here,” said Palmesano. The Corning Republican/Hornell native, spoke of his visit this year NYC and seeing a Brownx housing complex, where he saw young residents suffering from Asthma, because of the poor conditions of the housing complex. Palmesano explained that it was a life-changing experience, and gave him a much bigger perspective on downstate New York.

Palmesano was credited by Mayor Hogan for pushing for the idea, of having upstate lawmakers visit New York City, and visa-versa”It is a very healthy exercise,” Mayor Hogan said of the Bronx and Queens lawmakers coming to Hornell. “I’m glad they’re here, I’m glad they’ve seen what’s taken place in this building,” Mayor Shawn Hogan said about the visit from Moya and Crespo. “I think it’s great for the state of New York, that we understand each other’s geography and the needs of where each other lives.”

Senator Tom O’Mara noted that there are two different worlds in New York State: upstate and downstate, and the importance of avoiding the one-size-fits-all attitude of addressing economic issues in the legislature. “It’s truly exciting,” O”Mara said. “I want to thank Alstom for opening up, and helping us be a part of this day.”