NYS Dems Issue Statement About Zeldin And Guns

June 3, 2022

From the NYS Democrats:

ZELDIN CONTINUES TO LIE TO NEW YORKERS: Lyin’ Lee is at it again, this time attempting to deceive New Yorkers about his position on guns. During a press conference today, Zeldin was asked if he supports red flag laws and responded saying, “Yeah…that has long been my position.”

New Yorkers should remember that during a campaign rally in Rochester two weeks before the Buffalo shooting, Zeldin said New York State should “repeal red flag laws” and that “You should not have to prove to the government whether or not you get a permit. We need to change the standard from ‘may issue’ to ‘shall issue’ in this state.”

Plain and simple, Lyin’ Lee is being dishonest with New Yorkers about his extreme gun record that he’s had for years. In the state legislature, Zeldin opposed the New York SAFE Act, which prevents dangerous individuals from obtaining a firearm, cracks down on illegal guns, and bans among the most dangerous assault weapons. In Congress, he supported repealing New York’s concealed carry law, and just this year, he voted against the Bipartisan Background Check Act.

“Once again, Lyin’ Lee is trying to hide his extreme record on guns from New Yorkers,” said James Martin, spokesman for the NYS Democratic Party. “A few weeks ago, Zeldin stood with a group of far-right supporters touting his plan to roll back common-sense gun safety measures that keep our families and communities safe. It’s clear that his real agenda is hiding his extremism, not protecting New Yorkers.”