NYS Election Issues Statement About Pens, Sharpies, Etc

November 6, 2020

From The NYS Board of Elections:

The local boards of elections are being inundated with calls and emails from voters based on a meme that started in Arizona. They have other important tasks that they need to get done. If you can incorporate this message in your news segments during the day it would be greatly helpful:

“The State Board of Elections would like to advise all voters, the voting machine/scanner will accept and count a ballot marked by any pen, marker or pencil, blue or black ink, ball point, felt-tip or “sharpie”. If you have any questions, please contact the State Board of Elections at 518-474-953 or email INFO@elections.ny.gov.”

Thank you very much for your assistance. This message is also posted on our Twitter page (@NYSBOE) and Facebook page (www.facebook.com/NYSBOE/).

If you have any questions concerning this advisory, please contact John Conklin or Cheryl Couser at 518-474-1953 or email at INFO@elections.ny.gov.