NYSUT Issues Statement About the Budget

March 30, 2015

ALBANY, NY – State Teachers Union NYSUT has issued the following statement about the budget:

“The Legislature, led by the Assembly, mitigated some of the worst elements of Gov. Cuomo’s toxic agenda after parents and teachers stood up to his bullying,” said NYSUT President Karen E. Magee. “School aid for our kids is moving forward and public schools and colleges will get much-needed state increases. However, while Gov. Cuomo’s attempt to double down on testing has been stopped for now, too much of his destructive agenda remains on the table. We will keep pushing to the last minute of the last day to ensure that the state addresses what kids need, that educators’ rights are supported and that evaluations are fair, meaningful and focused on improving teaching and learning. The governor’s agenda, widely repudiated by the public, is destructive to teacher recruitment and retention and fails to address the needs of schools and students who are struggling. That should be our focus going forward.”

“Our fight continues against every remnant of the most anti-public education agenda ever put forward in New York state,” added NYSUT Executive Vice President Andrew Pallotta. “We will carry that fight forward, wherever it takes us.”