Objections To Political Petitions For Local Races, Fail

July 27, 2017

BATH, NY – At a hearing held on Wednesday at the Steuben County Board of Elections, Hartsville Town Judge candidate Stuart Perks objected to the political petitions filed by Russell Gerow and Francis Clancy who are running for Hartsville town board. Perks also objected to the political petitions of Hartsville Clerk candidate Vivian Woodworth and Hartsville Supervisor John Bowles who is running for re-election. All of the objections filed by Perks were dismissed, as Democrat Commissioner Kelly Penziul and Republican Deputy Commissioner Angie Cornish ruled that the Hartsville petitions in question, were in fact valid.

Perks tried to video the political petition hearings, but the county board of elections had a security officer stop him from videoing. Officials say that the county board of elections has a rule that does not allow video recording during political petition hearings. The big issue behind it all is wind: and that’s been going on since 2005, when it was first introduced at a Hartsville Town meeting. Since 2005 though, the anti-wind side in Hartsville has won town board seats since 2005 and been able to block numerous wind companies from coming in.

Another political petition that was objected to at a hearing at the county board of elections office, was the political petition of candidate for Steuben County Surrogate Court Judge, Wayland Attorney Pat McAllister, to get on the Independent line. The objection to that petition was also dismissed. After the hearing on that, McAllister sent out an email, saying that the person who objected to the petition, Renea Clifford, did so for the Chauncey Watches campaign. McAllister called it a failed attempt to take away choice from the voters.