October 15th: Allegany County – Two Covid Patients Have Died

The Allegany County Department of Health would like to notify County residents of a cluster of Houghton Rehabilitation and Nursing Center residents and staff that are positive for COVID-19. There have recently been 27 positive residents and 3 positive staff members. It is with a heavy heart we report to our community, of the 27 residents, an 86-year-old female and a 71-year-old male have passed away from COVID-19. Our deepest condolences to the families as they deal with this difficult time.

“Houghton Rehabilitation and Nursing Center has been very cooperative in helping us identify and trace contacts for these 30 people. They are also assisting the New York State Department of Health with their in-house investigative process because the State oversees all COVID-19 cases in healthcare facilities throughout the state,” said Tyler Shaw, Deputy Public Health Director for the Allegany County Department of Health.

“The local Health Department identifies, notifies, and monitors all identified contacts of these cases. If you are named as a contact to any of these cases, you will be notified by phone, and we will get information from you, place you in quarantine, give you education on symptoms to look for, and instruct you on procedures you must follow to keep you, your family, friends, and neighbors safe from COVID-19,” Shaw said.

If you have questions about a family member residing at the facility, we recommend you call Houghton Rehabilitation and Nursing Center directly at (585) 567-2207. If you have general COVID-19 questions, you may also call the Allegany County Department of Health at (585) 268-9250 for more information.