Reactions From Byrnes, Palmesano, Hogan, Etc

August 13, 2021

From Assemblyman Joe Giglio:

“It was beyond disappointing to hear that the impeachment investigation of Andrew Cuomo will not proceed. As I have previously said, Mr. Cuomo’s resignation ends his reign as governor, but does not provide any real answers into the depths of wrongdoing in his administration.

“He must still be held accountable for the sexual harassment, nursing home deaths, priority COVID testing for people close to him, safety issues with the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge and the use of state resources for his book during the pandemic. Resignation will remove him from office, but he must still be held accountable for his actions. Impeachment by the Legislature would prevent him from holding future office to protect New Yorkers from further abuses of power by Andrew Cuomo.

“The Judiciary Committee should be allowed to continue their work and release a public report of their findings on all of the issues being investigated.”

From GOP Candidate For Governor Lee Zeldin:

“Speaker Heastie’s announcement is filled with massive disappointment for Andrew Cuomo’s countless victims from his many scandals.

“Nothing about detailing for the public the misconduct they uncovered.

“Nothing about naming the others currently in government who committed misconduct.

“Nothing about pursuing further oversight and answers.

“Nothing about identifying whether Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul was either complicit or out to lunch.

“The Speaker is now exposing his own conference members to appropriate charges of a coverup when they seek re-election next fall. The correct approach for Assembly Democrats would have been to continue seeking answers, accountability, transparency and justice. Instead, they are choosing to be accomplices to the misconduct.”