O’Mara, Borrello: New Yorkers Will Be Shocked

March 2, 2022

State Senator Tom O’Mara (R, Big Flats) today joined his colleagues in the Senate Republican Conference to call on all New Yorkers to get involved and submit official public comment on the state’s recently released Climate Action Council’s (CAC) draft scoping plan for implementing New York’s energy future.

O’Mara has been outspoken over the past few years that New York’s push to achieve aggressive renewable energy goals through the “Climate Leadership and Climate Protection Act” (CLCPA), signed into law in 2019, will come at great cost and consequences for local communities, economies, and residents.

O’Mara said, “New York State is traveling at breakneck speed to radically remake New York’s energy future. It will be enormously expensive for state and local taxpayers, to mention nothing of residential and business utility ratepayers. It holds far-reaching consequences for the state and local economies. People are going to be shocked when they’re hit in the pocketbook. We need a fuller discussion of what these actions potentially mean in the important context of feasibility, affordability, and reliability. At a cost of hundreds of billions of dollars to New Yorkers and untold costs to the economy, we are barreling full speed ahead to further crush the affordability of living for families, drive up the cost of doing business, and destroy economic opportunity.”

From Sen George Borrello: “Our state’s Democratic leadership has an unrivaled track record of proposing ‘solutions’ that are often far worse than the problem. The radical proposals in the Climate Action Council’s draft Scoping Plan are a prime example. They would have a devastating impact on our economy, businesses and residents and add one more item to the growing list of reasons for leaving New York. People don’t need more financial hardships; they need relief, which is what our plan would provide,” said Senator George Borrello.