O’Mara, Palmesano, To Attend Drought Forum In Prattsburgh

September 9, 2016

State Senator Tom O’Mara, Assemblyman Phil Palmesano, NYS Ag and Marketing Director Richard Ball, are going to attend a forum of farmers that focuses on the drought.

That will be at the Prattsburgh High School, on Monday September 12, at 11am. “We’re expecting to learn more about what the impact has been on the farmers in particular,” Senator O’Mara tells Wlea News. “The corn crop is really in tough shape this year, which is going to affect dairy farms going into the winter, with the lack of feed stock.”

O’Mara also noted that he would like to hear from Ag and Marketing, what else can be done. “This drought has been extreme this year,” O’Mara noted.