O’Mara Questions State Health Commish

February 25, 2021

ALBANY, NY – State Senator Tom O’Mara took the New York State Health Commissioner Dr Howard Zucker to task today, in the state legislative budget hearings. The topic was the nursing home deaths, which according to reports, is up to about 15,000. Several lawmakers told Zucker today, that they have waited months for answers to basic questions. One downstate GOP Assemblyman, Edward Ra, said the governor’s March 25th order definitely made the death toll go up. Dr. Zucker said the real cause of the nursing home covid deaths is, that nursing home staff members accidentally spread Covid-19 in nursing homes to patients, because they (the nursing home staff) did not know how contagious the Covid was at that point. Zucker says, thae constamination by nursing home workers, happened before the governor’s March 25th order.

Senator O’Mara had numerous tough questions for Dr. Zucker, and asked repeated questions about the nursing home numbers and who ordered Zucker to delay geting the information out to the public. O’Mara concluded by telling Dr. Zucker that he (Zucker) had no credibility in today’s testimony. (Audio lasts five minutes.)