Palmesano Could Lose Hornell On His Map – Again

December 8, 2022

He has been in politics in one way or the the other, since the 1990’s. He worked as an aide to former State Senator George Winner, former Assemblyman Jim Baccalles, former Congressman Randy Kuhl and others. Then, in November 2009, Palmesano was elected as Corning area Steuben County Legislator. In January 2011, he was elected to the state assembly. In 2012, shortly after getting into the state assembly, Palmesano found out that the state redistricting commission removed his hometown of Hornell, from the district map. The good news for Palmesano was, Hornell was restored to his assembly district map in the most recent 2022 November election, but that bad news is, it appears that the current redistricting commission wants to possibly remove Hornell from his assemblyman – again, in two years. However, this is not a done deal yet. Palmesano explains that there are still numerous steps in the process that have to take place, before Hornell is removed from his legislative map again. “It’s not the final map, by any stretch of the imagination,” Palmesano tells WLEA. “This is part of the process, this is where we are, but as of right now, if that map stands, Hornell would no longer be on my legislative map in 2024,” he said.