Palmesano & Giglio: Time To Act Against Heroin Epidemic

January 26, 2016
ALBANY, NY – A report came out from the New York State Assembly this afternoon, about heroin addiction in this state. “It is our duty to work for our constituents, and right now communities all over the state are struggling to fight a growing heroin epidemic,” said Assemblyman Joe Giglio (R, Gowanda), task force chairman. “This goes beyond duty. Individuals who have lost a loved one to addiction, those currently battling addiction, and professionals working in rehab centers are frustrated. Using a multi-faceted approach as outlined in this report, we can begin to provide the necessary help to overcome the issue.”
Assemblyman Phil Palmesano said that it’s time act. “From treatment, prevention to education and awareness,” said Palmesano. “It’s time to take the necessary action now.”