Palmesano: Hoping The Health Commish Is More Prepared For The Next Hearing

August 4, 2020

From Assemblyman Palmesano: “It is unfortunate and completely unacceptable that the commissioner of health, who is responsible for what happens in our nursing homes and hospitals, chose to cut short his time before the Legislature during yesterday’s hearing. This action prevented all of the members participating from asking important questions about the nursing home tragedy our state experienced. The goal of these hearings was to provide information and get answers so we can help ensure another tragedy like this never happens again.

“The commissioner’s decision not to stay and answer questions shows a troubling lack of transparency that just reinforces what so many members have been saying- we need a thorough, independent investigation, not an internal, self-investigation by the Department of Health or the attorney general. We must provide answers to the family members who tragically lost loved ones.

“I’m hopeful the commissioner is better prepared for next week’s hearing on the Upstate response,” said Palmesano.