Palmesano Is Against Getting Rid of Tips For Waiters/Waitresses

January 5, 2015
BIG FLATS, NY – Tag’s Restaurant in Big Flats is going to hold a press conference on Thursday, January 14. The topic will be: how the state wage board has been discussing the possibility of totally getting rid of tips for waitresses and waiters. Assemblyman Phil Palmesano and State Senator Tom O’Mara will be present for the event, along with Assemblyman Chris Friend and some Corning area officials.
Assemblyman Phil Palmesano (R, Corning) told WLEA News that he does not like the governor bypassing the state assembly and senate, and using agencies and state boards to pass new rules. “I’m looking forward to being a part of that press conference next week, with restaurant owners from the region, to share the concerns that they’re raising,” Palmesano said. “The use of these wage boards, that have no legislative approval, and can just institute a wage increase without legislative approval, we need to correct this issue, because this is a dramatic increase on local business owners, with no real recourse,” Palmesano said.