Palmesano Shows Up With Ice Cream At Avoca Central

June 4, 2015

AVOCA, NY – Assemblyman Phil Palmesano showed up at Avoca Central School on Thursday afternoon with a treat: Twin Kiss Ice Cream.  Palmesano says he’s rewarding the students for earning the highest participation rate in his 2014 Summer Read and Run Challenge.

“Congratulations to the students of Avoca Elementary for all their hard work and to all the other kids throughout the 132nd Assembly District who participated in the Summer Reading Challenge. This program encourages our kids to learn and stay active during the summer months,” said Palmesano. “Reading and exercising regularly at a young age can lay the foundation for a balanced, fulfilling adult life.”

To participate in this year’s challenge, parents or guardians mark the calendar on the Read and Run brochure for each day in July and August that the student reads and exercises.

If the child fulfills their fitness and reading goals, they earn a New York State Assembly Excellence in Reading and Fitness Certificate.

Additional brochures are available from Palmesano’s district office by calling 607-776-9691.