Palmesano: The State’s Medical Marijuana is Not FDA-Regulated

Palmesano: Medical Marijuana in New York Is Not FDA-Approved
July 8, 2014

ALBANY, NY – Assemblyman Phil Palmesano, was a no-vote on medical marijauna, which was signed into law in New York State on Monday, by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

However, Palmesano says the FDA has not regulated New York’s medical marijauna. “When you talk about using marijuana for medical purposes, you have to take into account, when you say ‘medical’, there are safety precautions that need to be in place for patients,” Palmesano said on this morning’s Newsmaker Show on AM 1480 WLEA. “Generally with drugs, the FDA regulates that. The FDA is not in the process of regulating that, because there are certain laws that conflict with that.”

The FDA’s website says the FDA has not approved medical marijuana yet, but that they have approved a synthetic version.