Palmesano Visits To Hornell To Endorse Buckley, State GOP Chair Langworthy Stops By Hornell To Slam Props 1, 3 And 4

October 22, 2021

HORNELL, NY – On Thursday, Assemblyman Phil Palmesano stopped by Hornell, to give his endorsement to Hornell Mayor John Buckley:

“Just as I did four years ago, it is once again a great privilege for me to have this opportunity to endorse and strongly support John Buckley for Mayor of the City of Hornell. From his work on the city council right through his past four years as Mayor, John and I have worked closely together for more than 10 years on many important issues. Born and raised myself here in Hornell, and having family here, it has been great working with John on the goals we share for the future of Hornell and our entire region. John has led the city during an unprecedented time during this COVID battle. No one has been more loyal to the city and his dedication to this entire community is admirable. John Buckley is all about accessibility, teamwork, problem solving and getting the job done. From economic development and job creation, to public safety and improving the quality of life for city residents, John’s leadership, vision, and work ethic have built Hornell into one of the most promising cities in all of Upstate New York. John Buckley doesn’t sit on the sidelines. He reaches out to people and builds effective government from the grassroots up. John has worked in a bipartisan manner to cultivate important working relationships at the local, state and federal level to help benefit the citizens of Hornell. Constituent service and accessibility have been the hallmarks of his tenure as Hornell’s mayor. John Buckley exemplifies public service and I hope that he has earned the confidence and support of Hornell residents. He has earned mine!”

Then on Friday, Buckley joined with Steuben County GOP Chairman Joe Sempolinski and State Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy, to speak out against Propositions 1, 3 and 4, that is on the back of the ballot for the November 2nd elections.