Palmesano Wants A Five Year Capital Plan For the DOT

December 14, 2015
ALBANY, NY – Republican Assemblyman Phil Palmesano is calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to do a 5 year department of transportation capital plan, to help with local roads and bridges. “Our Assembly Republican Conference has helped lead the charge to improve New York State’s local infrastructure,” Assemblyman Palmesano said. “Our advocacy has generated an additional $125 million to repair local roads, bridges and culverts through the CHIPS program formula. We are committed to safer commutes for parents, safer school bus rides for our kids, and more reliable shipping for industry. Investing in CHIPS is an investment in local economic development and job creation, property tax and mandate relief, and more reliable emergency services.
“Just as the MTA is the lifeline for downstate transportation needs, CHIPS funding is the lifeline for our upstate communities to fix their local roads, bridges and culverts. This session we are calling on the governor to implement a five-year Department of Transportation capital plan to address our local infrastructure needs.”